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You don't speak Spanish and you want this to change? Welcome to Easy Spanish, a new way to learn languages. Easy Spanish is the online membership service of Linguanet Spain. At Linguanet Spain we revolutionise the world of foreign languages and how they are learnt, thanks to our unique method L1S2. Change the way you learn Spanish and start speaking today!

Some of our success stories

Hear what others say about our course

Fun, practical & I made new friends

Jason Durey - Film Effects Co Ltd

Soy Jason de Nueva Zelanda. Viví en España durante un año y tomé clases con Lucía. Lessons were fun, and practical, and helped me integrate and make new Spanish friends. This is why I recommend Lucía as a language teacher. She is very patient and despite my struggles I have managed to grasp an adequate amount of Español. Now can communicate well enough with my friends, to understand and be understood! Gracias maestra

Entertaining and fun!

Terry and Jane

We are Terry and Jane from London. We have been studying Spanish with Lucia for three years. We usually have a weekly Skype class, which we enjoy a lot and it helps us maintain our language skills. We started conversational classes and ended up obtaining a G.C.S.E. in Spanish with a very high grade. Thanks to her support and help our practical life has improved a lot while visiting Spain, now we can have a conversation with confidence and confidence. Lucia is exceptionally good in identifying her students individual needs and making classes entertaining and fun.

Brilliant group classes!

Dutch friends

We're a group of Dutch friends. We've done an Intensive Spanish Course with Lucia. We talked a lot and although not all of us have exactly the same level, Lucia has been able to adapt the classes so that we all progress.

We have learned a lot

Hendrik and Digna

Our names are Hendrik and Digna. We are Dutch. In 2012 we bought a house in Xabia. We wanted to learn Spanish. Via internet we have found Lucia, our teacher. Not only in class in Javea but also on Skype, we have studied Spanish successfully. She is very nice and instructive. We have learned a lot and she is always ready to help us.

So many positives...

Irene and Audun

As we are living in Spain, it was important for us to learn the language. The conversation classes with Lucia were especially useful and helped us a lot in overcoming the initial barrier in talking Spanish and keep on practicing. There are many positive points making her a good teacher, here are some of the most important: Long experience, adapting well to each student's need, positive attitude / using praises / good sense of humour, has clear objectives, flexible, easy to communicate with, wanting the best for her students.

Lessons with heart

Sheryl Bowhay - Canada

Lucia is a fantastic Spanish teacher…and friend! She creates opportunities for language to come alive with her enthusiasm for sharing the rich culture of Spain. Lucia opened her heart to our family and encouraged us to participate in so many wonderful and unique events and opportunities. You will always have a special place in my heart…thank you Lucia!

Great progress


My daughter of 15 years hold attended 3 days lessons with Lucia and last night she was speaking to me on the phone all the time in Spanish. She really made progress. Email communication with Lucia is very friendly and quick. Good choice.

Positive, fun, vibrant and happy!


Class with Lucía is nothing like you’ve probably experienced before. She’s not only a very positive, vibrant and nice person, she is always happy and her method of teaching is very understanding. She really makes you feel good as a student and ads a lot of value to her classes. You will not only learn the langue you learn a culture too. She is able to make you feel like it’s easy and this ability is super motivating and making you progressing much faster. I really enjoy working with Lucía and my Spanish is improving every class. I say with all honestly that she helps me feel comfortable just because of the person she is. That all makes her an amazing teacher and I can guarantee you that working with her will not only improve your Spanish you will also have a lot of fun!

Our Spanish greatly improved


My family and I lived in Spain for a while and as we were there my husband and I took lessons from Lucia. Though I had taken nine years of Spanish in school I found my lessons with her to be so helpful to reinforce concepts that I needed to brush up on in addition to providing me an opportunity to be able to converse in Spanish in a wonderful learning environment. My husband’s Spanish improved greatly and it allowed us to have greater confidence to speak Spanish while out in the community and traveling abroad in many countries. I would highly recommend taking classes from Lucía whether you have already had experience or are just beginning to learn Spanish. She is very intelligent, friendly, kind and a wonderful educator.

The lessons have helped my family and profession


Hola! Me llamo Luz, soy Holandesa. Soy Médico de Familia y trabajo aquí en España. Estudio español para integrar con la gente que vive en mi pueblo. Tenemos tres hijos pequeños que van al colegio español. Queremos tener amigos españoles y entender y hablar todo lo que queremos. También queremos ayudar a nuestros hijos a crecer aquí en España y entender todo lo que hacen en el colegio y en los clubs deportivos. I took classes with Lucia when we moved to Spain. I had no experience with the language whatsoever. So, we started with the basics and could extend with conversation classes and classes in a little group about our weak points. Learning Spanish was and is an adventure. I always look forward to my class with Lucia. Thanks to this I now have several friends, our children are happy that we can understand their teachers and friends. And of course now I can work here in the area as an GP, to communicate with the local hospital and colleagues in all specialties. I totally recommend Lucia as a teacher for her variety of methods, tools and skills, helping you learn the beautiful language, Spanish. She shines with energy, listens carefully to what you need to improve in your learning process. And if you have doubts or questions, she finds ways to keep up the spirit or to try some new way in learning! Have FUN!!

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